Art Saves People

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my site! All of my pieces tell a story that translates into something slightly different to everybody who gazes upon them. I'd love to know what they say to you! Thank you for shopping. Enjoy!

Want to buy my work?

Check out the pieces that have came straight from my imagination and creativity. These are the pieces that I have chosen personally to create. All are up for grabs! 


Thinking about having a private event Paint&Sip? Feel free to reach out to me with questions or requests. I bring all supplies needed, you just have to let me know where I am going. 

Commissioned Pieces

Want a custom commissioned piece created? Click on the contact me link above and let me know what you have in mind. Lets create something beautiful!

You're art is so cool! I love your vibe!!


Sip and paint was so much fun- this is awesome 


Your art looks so good! The piece i got is hanging on my wall i get compliments for it all the time!